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We were up early this morning, having coffee and discussing travel plans for the trip to Colorado.

We also talked about the plan for today.

The grandkids were so good yesterday that we felt they deserved a reward, so we decided to take them to Quincy today, to visit a place called “Bonkers”.

It is a huge play pen for kids with all sorts of climbing, swinging, and sliding devices. They also serve food and drinks. It is one of those places where you can just turn the kids loose, but of course we had to keep an eye on them, just to watch the fun.

Colby worked up quite a sweat but Lauren stayed cool as a cucumber, although she played pretty hard too.

We all had some food and drink before driving back home.

We had a hard time keeping Lauren awake because she was sleepy and ready for her nap.

In fact, when we walked into the RV, she was undressed and ready for her nap practically before Marilyn & I had our jackets off.

In no time at all, she was sound asleep in front of the fireplace.

Colby was in our bed watching a Scooby Doo DVD, and took a bit longer to go to sleep.

I spoke to Steve, our son-in-law, and invited him to come by and eat with us this evening. We planned to drive over to KFC to pick up a bucket of chicken, some mashed potatoes & gravy and some slaw.

That will be our dinner this evening and we plan to get back on the road tomorrow.

If we can get out of Hannibal by 9:00 in the morning we’ll be in Topeka by 2:00 in the afternoon.

We plan to meet friends at the Texas Road House for dinner.

Of course, all of those plans hinge on us getting out of here, and the rain & thunderstorms may have a say in that. LOL

It was around 4:00 when I drove to Walmart to pick up a few items and then made the drive to KFC.

Both grandkids were hungry when I returned so they dug in to the hot biscuits with butter and jelly. We held off on the chicken and side dishes, waiting for Steve, so he could have a bite to eat with us.

He arrived a few minutes after 5:00 and we spent the next couple of hours visiting, until we took the kids out to meet Jennifer at the hospital. Steve left separately from us as he had his truck, and he would wait for Jennifer in another place from us.

We noticed a double rainbow in the sky as we waited for Jennifer to get off work. Lauren is crazy about rainbows so she was really excited!

That was so neat!

So that is how our day went today.

We sure hope that the rain and thunderstorms are over for awhile.

Tomorrow is June 1st and the next day is our 51st anniversary.

It will be a happy one if we are on the road again.

You can bet that we’ll be saying that Life is Good!

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