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As usual we were up early and ready for a walk,even though its really pretty where they live on the canals it has one big down fall Mosquitos which do spoil the area.

By the time we got back from our walk Murray and Sushia were up and cooking our breakfast,first she juices up carrot,beet root,celery,apple and ginger as a starter then came the bacon and eggs on toast and a pot of tea,Murray had put the wet tarps out to dry the night before and was folding them up what good friends we have.

Tim and Linda wanted to see us before we left and also for me to show her how to use her micro/convection oven in there new van,after all that we never got away till 12 pm,which was later than we anticipated it only means we wont be driving as far today.

Looking in the camps book we stopped at camp number 363 at GinGin Brook,mal needed to do a battery change over as the caravan battery has died I guess it's done well as its 6 years old,he disconnected the extra one we had in the car. While he had it all out he decided to put some new wiring in,his new soldering iron has come in handy,it was a bit hard to hold the tourch and cook dinner at the same time,sometimes you wish you were and octopus with eight arms,lol. Then it came a hello!hello! Who can that be as the park was empty,as we opened the door we saw that dreaded uniform of the ranger,you aren't allowed to camp here as he pointed to a little sign nailed to a tree in the opposite direction we came in saying NO CAMPING,we explained it we in the camps book and he said there not the council that make the rules.Packing up and going over all the things we could have said to him we left.we new there was another spot 3kms back camp 361 Wilbinga grove just out of Two Rocks so we moved on to there,which was just as nice and not very many people.

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