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It was 5:00 AM when I awoke enough to glance at the clock.

It was time for us to get up and get started on the day.

We shared a pot of coffee and then drove to the hospital to meet Jennifer and the grandkids.

Breakfast was in order back at the RV. The little ones really like cinnamon toast as well as butter and honey toast.

They call it “Mimi’s Toast”.

I had pre-departure chores remaining to complete before we leave Saturday morning, and with more severe storms in the forecast, I wanted to get it all done!

I dragged the air compressor out and aired the truck tires and the air ride system on the RV.

Now all that remains is to dump the holding tanks before we leave.

We carried trash to the dumpster and then walked the grandkids to the sluice where they raced a couple of wine corks from high up, all the way down the various sluice troughs, to the screen where the water dumps back into the pump. Once they tired of the cork races, we walked back to the RV where the little ones played inside with blocks, bracelets, and other stuff.

They had chips and juice for a snack.

I took advantage of a short lull in the activity and called Mike & Marian to see how they were doing, as they are on the road today, heading to Salina, KS. We wish these dear friends a Safe Trip!

Both of the grandkids seemed quite tired this morning. The result of being in a Motel for two nights we suspect.

Steve is doing everything he can to get them back in their home as soon as possible.

Once we get to our summer home in Mountaindale, Marilyn says she wants to take some time to just clean the RV and get things back to their proper place, and then relax for a few days.

I may join her in that activity, but I suspect it may take only a day or two for me, before I get into the normal RV life.

Let’s see, that would be coffee beside a campfire in the morning, happy hour around 4:00 in the afternoon, eating out with friends, walks in the mountains, and a cookout now & then.

Oh yeah, then I’ll have a big grin on my face when I say……………Life is Good!

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