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Sea Lion posing for a photo

Pup nursing

Iguana with a view

Pink Flamingo

Giant Tortoises

Me and the Galapagos Tortoises


The MAGNIFICENT Galapagos Islands

This is ABSOLUTELY the best place I have ever been to. Galapagos is truely unique and amazing and I cant encourage you enough to try to get there for a visit. 4 days was definitely not enough but an experience I will never forget.

Here's a taste of the land experiences.....and Ill also post some of the underwater adventures.

Day 1 we visited Sombrero Chino Island and observed many sea lions up close including a mother nursing her pup, Sea lions sleeping, playing, swimming and more. They are not afraid of people and have a natural curiosity...especially when they come across you scuba diving or snorkelling in the water. All they want to do is swim around you and come and look you in the eyes. They are a little more timid on land, but certainly not nervous with our presence.

We also saw many Sally lightfoot crab colonies, pelicans and the ridgid iguana lizards - both the marine and land species.

Day 2 - beautiful, graceful Pink Flamingos, sea lions making themselves at home on docked dingys and port benches, diving Blue footed boobies, belly flopping pelicans and name just few.

Day 3 we went to the giant Galapagos Tortoise colony on San Cristobal island. These creatures are fascinating and again we are able to get right up close and observe them eating, hissing and moving around.....obviously very slowly. The adults who live to aorund 150 years have a shell size over 1.5metres and can weigh 250kg. We saw the first baby that had hatched only a week or so ago and it was the spitting imagine of the adults only it was only 12 cm long....TINY.

I dont think there is anywhere else in the world where one can interact so closely with so many wild, amazing animals. Galapagos Islands is by far the No. 1 in this trips Top 10 .... and probably No. 1 on my world travels to date. Im so glad I had my video camera

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