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We awoke to the sound of the weather alarm going off in my ear.

This was at 3:00 AM and warned us of a severe thunderstorm west of us moving northeast at 50 mph. We could hear distant thunder and soon the rain began hitting the roof of the RV.

As we lay awake the rain began pouring from the sky and the sound of it hitting the roof became louder, ……….much louder.

I gave up on sleep and got out of bed, dressed, and went to my recliner in the living room. Marilyn followed close behind me and began brewing a pot of coffee.

It was 4:30 AM by now.

Jennifer called as we were leaving the RV to go pick up the grandkids. She informed us that the road to their home was flooded in both directions from their drive.

She was bringing enough clothing with her, for her and the grandkids, for a three day stay with us in the RV.

Our plan was to leave Hannibal tomorrow morning and head west toward Colorado. We can’t leave Jennifer and the grandkids with no way to get home and no place to go, so we decided to remain here until the crisis is over.

We have had no internet service at the Campground for several days, and it is still down, so I took my computer along when we drove to the hospital, and posted my blog for yesterday from there.

I made a quick Facebook entry just to inform our friends and family about the rain, flooding, no internet service, and the fact that we might possibly have to delay our trip to Colorado.

As result of that entry, Bob called to offer help, thinking that we were somehow flooded-in here at the Mark Twain Cave Campground.

We do have things pretty much ready to go, so if we manage to leave tomorrow it will be with a big sigh of relief.

We hope to be in Topeka, KS, for two nights, then moving to Oakley, KS on Friday and on to Mountaindale Resort in Colorado on Saturday.

It sure will be nice to be all set up and settled in again.

We look forward to a fine summer in the mountains.

Now if we can just get past the nasty weather, and make it to our destination without detours for flooding, etc.

As I write this, another Tornado Watch for our area was just announced on the TV.

This has been some spring for sure!

In any case dear readers, I will continue to believe that Life is Good!

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