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It was later than normal for us to get up this morning.

I opened the door and noticed that it had been raining and made a comment to Marilyn that the patio was wet.

She asked in some shock, “Didn’t you hear it storming during the night?”

“No, what storm?” I replied.

She informed me that it had poured rain during the night.

I guess I slept right through the storm.

Fortunately, the rain stopped long enough for the campers and RV’s to break camp and get on the road headed home.

Bob came over and we loaded some lanterns in the back of our vehicles, ready for the trip to Colorado, where the lanterns will go on sale in the Camp Store at Mountaindale.

We then had a nice visit with Bob and were still talking when Jennifer arrived with the grandkids.

After Bob left, Marilyn, Jennifer, and the grandkids all wanted me to take them through Cameron Cave to see the Bats.

It was beginning to rain again as we began the ¼ mile walk through the woods, to reach the cave entrance, and we were a bit wet by the time we began the exploration of the cave.

The grandkids especially, enjoyed themselves and even crawled through the 20’ tunnel, then crawled back through it again.

Parts of the cave were quite wet and we had to bypass one part due to water, but we did manage to see one Bat, hanging on the wall asleep.

By the time we reached the cave entrance again, it was pouring rain outside.

We waited for a bit but then decided to brave it, and headed back to the parking area.

Needless to say, by the time we arrived back at the RV we were all soaking wet.

Marilyn put the wet clothing in the dryer and fixed a quick lunch for everyone.

Jennifer and the grandkids all took a nap while Marilyn & I relaxed while the soothing sound of rain pouring down on the roof nearly drowned out the sound of the TV.

We made arrangements to meet Steve at the Mexican Restaurant in Palmyra and drove up there, arriving at 5:00 PM.

After a tasty meal we said so long to Steve and told Jennifer and the grandkids that we would meet them tomorrow morning.

That will be our last day of baby-sitting with the grandkids until after we return to this area in the fall.

We’ll sure miss them in the meantime. That’s for sure!

One more thing for sure is that Life is Good!

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