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The magnificent Crazy Horse monument

The eventual dream

Up close and personal

We were there too!

The sculptor's epitaph for the First Nations - strong & deep words

Back to trainspotting days

Big boys' toys

Rushmore at night

..ending with a bit of jingoism.

A day trip out 10 miles in the other direction from Rushmore to see the even more monumental task - the First Nations monument, Crazy Horse.

This has been under way now for 60+ yrs. The sculptor originally worked at the 4 heads monument, went off to war and when he came back was commissioned by the First Nations to produce a monument to their history - he chose to sculpt an entire mountain!

He worked for 10 yrs on his own, and later had the support of his ever increasing family (to 10 kids) as well as some other helpers. Never more than 10 at any one time now, they hope to finish the horse head in the next decade.

The rest - who knows when? We won't see it, but perhaps our grandchildren might, when they get round to retiring.

When complete it will be the biggest sculpture in the world. The head alone can swallow the 4 heads of the Rushmore presidents.

The space under the armpit is presently big enough to take a ten storey building. More rock came out that space than the entire Rushmore project (half a million tons).

Later went on to ride the old steam train from Hill City - oh, that nostalgic smell.

Even later we were back at Rushmore to see the evening lighting ceremony. Very impressive, but a little jingoistic and heart wrenchingly patriotic - it is easy to see why the US think they can sort out all the world's problems

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