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Enjoying The Music

Gretchen and Ed

Marilyn and Jeff

Lead Singer (He was Really Good)

The Rest of the Band

Inside the Winery




Enjoying the Fun



Dancing with his Granddaughter

Romance in the Parking Lot

Fish, Potato Salad and Beans

Fun at the Sluice

Kids finally had enough

Dancing in the Parking Lot


Gretchen, Jeff and Ed

As we sat together this morning, the coffee was steaming hot, the fireplace added atmosphere, and we had Mariachi Music playing.

Somehow the music recalled pleasant memories.

I could close my eyes and instantly be transported back to the outdoor restaurant in Algodones, Mexico, where we sat in the sunshine with friends, Bob & Janet and Trent & Teresa, eating some great grilled Hawaiian shrimp, sipping ice cold margaritas, and listening to the live music.

The memory of the pure pleasure and joy of the moment with all the laughter and fun, just made me feel good!

That was a nice way to start the day today!

I think when we get to Llano Grande for this next winter, we’ll try to find a nice outdoor restaurant to experience with our friends.

Marilyn & I ate a tasty breakfast this morning, then cleaned and straightened the RV, and were ready for the day.

The only chore on the agenda was to dump the holding tanks, so I did that. Then I made a simple repair to the mounting bracket and pad for the rear view camera monitor.

Around 1:00 PM we went up to the winery where a wonderful, fun, celebration was in progress.

A very good band of four members were playing and singing music from the 50’s to the 80’s.

A Fish Fry was also happening and we took advantage of the delicious catfish, potato salad and beans being offered.

People were sitting everywhere in lawn chairs and at picnic tables.

Folks were dancing in the parking lot. A Free Wine Tasting at the winery was available and they were serving wine, beer, and soft drinks.

The weather turned out to be sunny and beautiful and it was obvious that the people were all having a great time. We have pictures to show what was going on, for you.

It was one of those times when we can say for sure that we wish you were here.

Then we could add…….. Life is Good!

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