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Cochem caste

Another view Cochem castle

Mosel river just before Koblenz

Mosel river near Koblenz

Rhine river near Bacharach

One of many towers in Bacharach

Looking out from our dinner at medieval weinstube in Bacharach

Town Markt in Bacharach

Deer gets the better of fisherman in Bacharach

May 26 2013

Today we biked 40 miles for a total of 295 miles.

Cold Rain.

Woke up today to rain. Rain that literally did not stop all day. Drenching cold rain. Biked in this quickly and slowly for about 5 hours. I was not drenched, but my hands and feet were cold and wet. When he stopped in Koblenz I could barely lock my bike up because my fingers were so cold.

I think the temperatures stayed below 45 degrees all day.

We left Ernst after a good breakfast at our Gasthaus.

Cochem was pretty and a place to spend time but difficult to explore under cold wet conditions.

Just beyond Cochem we had wanted to visit Burg Eltz one of the few authentic castles. This is well preserved and great to tour. Some say better than Neuschwanstein. We were coming from the steep side and not doable with the rain. We continued on to Koblenz, taking many small detours due to high water or roller skating races.

Koblenz was not very complicated, but one needs to follow the signs or get lost easily.

We went to the Hauptbahnhof and had lunch here in a dry warm restaurant. This felt very good. We than trained to Bacharach along the Rhine river south of Koblenz. It is a small town with great history and old fortified walls. There is an old castle on the hill that is now a youth hostel. We found a place to stay through Bett and Bike, a great resource.

Had another fine dinner over looking a crooked , built in1312, old timber winehaus.

We hope to go down stream tomorrow, probably staying Boppard. The forecast is for a high of 65 F and partly sunny skies.

We earned this.

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