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Bilbao to vitoria was a shorter ride with only one hill. But this was a hill as envisaged by micheal bay. 'What we need is not one hill but five hills; and all at once'. My hill climbing is fair to middling at best. But I was proud to hit this hill hard and with only routine rest stops. It still took an hour and a half but again, with Spanish driving and the road conditions it was almost a pleasure. Like lots of keen cyclists I am in this for the pain and discomfort. And so a cl8mb like this was a welcome addition.

Again the weather played its two card trick of rain early and sunny breaks later making for a very enjoyable 50 miles. The freeform jazz cows were the icing on the cake.

After the hard climb came 20 to 30 miles of mostly downhill spinning. A welcome reward for conquering la Montana. If you want to look it up search Google maps for a town called Igorre and head south.

The town of vitoria was great. Lots of cobbled paths and steps as the buildings sloped off the side of the mountain. And central to the town is a large plaza surrounded on four sides by smart council buildings and flats. In the centre of which several hundred townsfolk had gathered for a communal dance. A video will explain more. Quite frankly it had strong overtones of the wicker man.

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