Don't miss this museum if you are in the area..

Beautiful blooming cactus on the front porch..

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Last one!

This is part two our our visit to the awesome town of Crowell. We were so impressed with this small town, it is located about 9 miles from Copper Breaks State Park.

Visitors can explore the vast history of the Crowell area when they enter the Fire Hall Museum. The museum has two stories, be sure to check upstairs. Admission is free, donations are appreciated. The museum is located inside an old fire hall, it has artifacts and wonderful displays and information on the history of the region.

Attractions include a pioneer school room, a hotel and saloon, a scale model of the town in 1900, and several exhibits. One of my favorites was the antique kitchen. There is so much to see in this incredible museum I took a lot of pictures to share.

Address: 116 N. Main Street | Crowell, TX

We highly recommend it to all our readers and hope you enjoy as much as we did. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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