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Cactus Flowers


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Meers Burger Place


Wednesday off to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge which was about 18 miles from the campground, where the Bison & Longhorn Cattle roam free, there are Elk here as well but we did not see any. A visit to the visitor centre to pick up trail maps and decide what to do for the day, this is the most beautiful park we have been into in a long time, it probably helps because loads of flowers are in bloom, where ever you look & walk it is carpets of wild flowers. First hike was French Lake about a 2.5 hour walk this is where we saw the Eastern Collared Lizards, there are loads of them and they just pose for you. Next walk was Lost Lake saw a tiny grey snake here with a red collar. Lots of different birds about as well. We checked out the campground while here as it would have been great to stay and see more wildlife early mornings & dusk, but the sites were long enough but too narrow. We stopped off at the Holy City which holds the world’s largest Easter Pagent , the buildings on the park are all built of round red cobbles they take them out of the ground just like they look on the buildings. On the way home we called into Medicine Park what an odd looking place looked like all the shops were just thrown together, we stopped off at the bakery for drinks and great homemade spice cake, walked along the river while we were there. The weather was gorgeous today blue skies and how quickly it changes as the second day we went back they were forecasting thunderstorms again, but it brighten up as the day went on and no storms so far today. The 2nd day there we drove up Scott Mountain what an amazing 360 degree view from the top. You could see the road we had travelled into the park on. Next walk was to Tower Trail & Jed Johnson walk where we walked up to the tower, again carpets of wild flowers. Last walk was Quannah Parker where we came across a lake we walked over the dam then hiked up to the top of the stoney mountain another great view and the winds were strong at the top. Last stop for the day was a late lunch/early tea of the famous Meer Burgers, we were warned how big they were so decided to share, they were dished up in a pie dish the burgers were about 10 inches across ( meant to take a photo). They are 97% beef none of your McDonald’s rubbish there, they have been voted the 3rd best burgers in the USA. The guy that owns it raises his own Longhorn Cattle to make the burgers. When you turn up you wander what you are going into as it looks like a very run down old building, it is just stood on its own in the middle of nowhere. It used to be an old mining building in the early 1900’s. The floors were on the slant, old tin ceilings etc but it was great food & clean.

We are on the move again Friday morning travelling to Amarillo in Texas there for 4 nights.

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