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The first thing this morning I called Camping World and talked with Service Manager, Bill, to see whether they had a replacement refrigerator in stock and whether my claim with Good Sam’s Extended Service Plan could be transferred from Crestview to Camping World. They did and it could! Bill is now my hero. They will work me into their schedule Wednesday.

In order to be on hand early tomorrow morning, I drove down to Camping World this afternoon and hooked up to electricity. Then I took my ailing Surge Guard in to see whether it could be repaired. They aren’t allowed to even open surge protectors and mine is long out of warranty anyway. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a voltage regulator and, of course, a new power protector. Both are made by Surge Guard and both are on sale. They are also allowing me the Internet discount on the new refrigerator. This saves me quite a bit of money but still my whole bill will be a big hit to my bank account.

The power protector has some nice features that my old one did not have. It has a digital display which indicates the exact voltages and currents coming into the RV and indicates whether they are high or low. If the polarity of the voltage is reversed, the unit will display “Reverse Polarity” until the condition is corrected. The combination of the voltage regulator and power protector give me great peace of mind.

Just as I was leaving for Camping World, Nick at Crestview, called to say that my refrigerators had been shipped. I had thought that the Extended Service Plan service rep would have called him to cancel the work order. I was sorry that he hadn’t been told. He said that I might have to pay a re-stocking fee. I will dig in my heels on that issue. This could have been avoided if he had called Camping World last Friday. By “called all over the area” he must have meant only the Georgetown area. I hope there won’t be a big tiff over this.

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