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Yueyang train station.

Yellow Crane Tower.

Hubei Provincial Museum.

2,500 year old musical instruments - one of the highlights of the...

Scene from the East Lake.

Another scene from the East lake - shame about the smog!

Well, if we thought the taxi drive from the train station to Yueyang was bad, then the taxi drive back to the train station was even worse. It must be something in the air here because we haven't experienced this level of aggressive, impatient driving anywhere else in China (yet!).

Anyway, we took a punt (we hadn't booked train tickets) and just fronted up to the train station late morning. Our logic was that, as Yueyang was on the main line to Wuhan, it should not be a problem getting tickets. It worked, the first train through was fully booked but the second train had seats. So, we waited the hour and we were on the next stage of the journey.

The trip to Wuhan was a short one, 57 minutes and 215 km. The brings the cumulative trip distance to 1,242 km or 10% of the way to London. Not far now!

Wuhan was hot and humid and very smoggy. Our hotel was approx 1.5 km from the river yet we couldn't see the other bank such was the smog. Also, the taxi drivers were as very calm bunch, especially compared to Yueyang. No driving on the wrong side of the road, no driving with hand on horn and you know something, we probably got there just as quickly.

As our hotel was not located as near to the main attractions as we had hoped, we cheated a bit and organised a day tour so that we could see the main attractions in a day. Highlight was the Hubei Provincial Museum which has as it's centrepiece an exhibition of the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, which includes one of the world's largest musical instruments, a remarkable 5-tonne set of 64 double-tone bronze bells dating back some 2,400 years. Most impressive. The other highlight was the Yellow Crane Tower, an old observation tower set atop a hill beside the Yangtze River. You are supposed to see most of the city from the top but the smog made it impossible.

Enough of the heat, humidity and smog. Tomorrow it's off north to Luoyang, capital of the 13 dynasties until the 10th century AD.

Until then, take care and enjoy.

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