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Tarabuco market

Tarabuco market

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Sucre is a UNESCO site. It has many beautiful churches and colonial architecture. One of its nicknames is `La Ciudad Blanco`, the white city, owing to the fact that by tradition all of the buildings are whitewashed every year. It was founded in 1538 and is at an altitude of 2790m.

We arrived in Sucre on 6 August, a national celebration in Bolivia. There were bands playing and marches throughout the day. We walked around the city taking in the cathedrals and beautifl colonial buildings as well as the plaza `25th May`.

We went to the Museo Arte Indigena where they display Bolivian textiles from local communities. There are also good explanations about the local indigenous groups and lots of funny costumes to see ! They also had examples of the music from different cultures...... some were very strange.

Nick decided to see some Bolivian football while Monica went to the local market to barter with the many fruit sellers. She tried different fruits and struck a hard bargain with one of the sellers. Meanwhile Nick was in an Òlympic stadium designed for about 10000 people surrounded with no less than 100 people !!! The standard of football was pretty bad and at one point Nick was thinking about offering his services for the second half....!!!! In the second half more people turned up. Nick asked twice which team was which but both people didnt have a clue either, oh well !

As we happened to be in Sucre for a Sunday we decided to visit the Tarabuco market which is described as a bit touristy but nonetheless worth a visit. The bus journey actually took less time than they had stated (a first in Bolivia !) and we had a look around the many artesanal stores looking at different things. We also had many attempts at taking pictures of the locals, but it was obvious that most of them did not want to be taken and they often shyed away or started ranting and raving. We ended up with lots of pictures of backs !

Near Sucre there are many dinosaur footprint sites. There is a particular tacky dino truck which takes the many gringos from the main square to a cement factory called Cal Orcko where there around 5000 footprints. This is the worlds largest paleontological site in the world. There are different types of tracks and we could see them clearly in the rockface. We thought it was going to be a bit naff, but it turned out to be quite amazing. The footprints only last for about 40 years as the layer of rock crumbles gradually and reveals another layer with different footprints !


Hostal Sucre - great room with a colonial feel set around a lovely courtyard. ($25) one of our top rooms !

Guardamontes - Dont get put off by the looks of this place, the steak is the best we`ve had outside of Argentina ! Huge portions ! (medallions and Chorizo reccommended)

Maxim - Very chic and good food as well.

Joyride cafe - Good atmosphere and good food to pick at.

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