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The World`s most dangerous road was classified as such by a study of the worst roads in the world. This one came out with the most deaths from buses careering off the edge !!!! A popular way of doing this is by bike which we decided to brave !

The journey from La Paz to Coroico must be the most impressive in all Bolivia. Beginning at La Cumbre a mountain pass above La Paz at 4700m the bike ride drops more than 3600m in around four hours and 64km to the sub tropical jungle of Yolosa below Coroico. For most of this route the road is little more than a bumpy rocky ledge carved into the rock face of the mountains through streams and under waterfalls and often with a sheer drop of as much as 1000m on the left hand side. Almost every turn of the road seems to be punctuated with crosses for those that have died there.

We were nervous at first and to add to our worries we were told to stay on the outside, near the edge as lorries and cars coming up get the inside track ! Two guides have been killed by cycling on the inside around a corner only to be faced with a bus ! We were certainly not the slowest and our confidence gained as we became used to the bike. By the end we were caked in mud and our bottoms and hands were aching like mad ! However a cold beer helped and a good shower in Coroico made us feel human again. The trip was definately worth it and was a thrilling experience.

We were staying in Coroico the night so we relaxed and watched a couple of films in the evening. The next day was spent next to the pool getting some sun. We also played some pool while we waited for the next day riders to appear. We caught a lift back with their bus, even though it was quite late as one of the riders had had an accident going over the handlbars.


Gravity - Great bikes, Great equipment and superb guides. Really well organised and worth the extra cash.

Esmerelda Hotel - Convenient if you go with Gravity as they stop here. Nice rooms at the front with view ($30). Good pool. Food very average.

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