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Sky Train rush hour

Taxi with lots of amulets and shrines to keep us safe in...

Sandra finally arrived and working on her jet lag. Pork and Rice soup for breakfast. Took the Skytrain to the Shangri Li and agreed we could save $ if we stayed at the Reno and took the train. Very easy. Also easy to go to tailor to order clothes, too easy. Took care of housekeeping items and headed over to amulet/electronic market Pantrip Plaza, then was going on to Lacquer Palace.

Sandra realized she had noon appointment with journalist so we headed out togeather for the Amari Watergate Hotel for her meeting. Left her to go to her meeting and I went thru some of the state sponsored handicraft areas. I guess I am spoiled by Lao prices. Went on to the Amari Hotel to get more directions from the concierge to the Amulet market. Had to cross Petchburi Road and Rajpalor Road. Incredible, chaotic traffic, no corssover or cross under via canal. Had to follow crowd, climb barrier and scurry. Between all traffic and from different directions, took 30 minutes to cross 2 streets. Monks, businessmen, tourists, all scurrying between buses, bicyles and motorcycles. Not for old people. Would be reduced to taking a cab merely to cross the street.

Got to hotel and Sandra still waiting for her appointment in the lobby. Said to wait and we could go to market together. Mr. J finally showed up and invited us both to lunch in a "real" Thai restaurant. We had to go BACK across the street I had just crossed. Horrific sprinting with great encourangement from Mr. J. Just another day at work....Had official Thai boiled chicken with rice and sweetbreads and sour squash soup. Tasted authentic. I learned political structure and styles from their conversation. (will post links to his newspaper articles later)

After parting from Mr. J we went on to the Amulet market. Amulet market rapidly being displaced by huge electronics market. Picture Apple, Best Buy and Circuti City all crammed on 5 floors, huge. After looking at amulets, did some electronic browsing. Found a digital fast track photo storage for $80...but no hard drive just the case, no problem, hard drive will cost $250. Hmmmm, not such a deal. Sandra bought a 256mb computer microvault for about $80

Decided to skip Lacquer Palace and take taxi to Bangkok Airways to pick up Sandra's ticket. Opportunity to observe Bangkok rush hour traffic, awesome. Skytrain looks real good.

Headed home and to get rid of traffic rush decided to get herbal massage (60 minute $10). Very relaxing, used steamed bundled herbs. Bringing home long list of herbs in the mixture. Sandra headed back to room to crash. I went to cybercafe. Finally heard from some of the Lao contacts to help finalize that part of trip. Textile pieces falling into place for trips next week. take care Deb

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