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This morning I gathered my foods from the various pals’ refrigerators. Most of it fit into the cooler that Mikail lent me and Donette took the rest – just things that I rarely use. Such nice friends I have!

Before leaving Lampasas, I did a little hand wash. There was no hurry because it is less than an hour’s drive to Georgetown. I arrived at Crestview RV Center around 11:30. The business doesn’t open on Sundays until 1:00 so I had plenty of time to eat a little lunch and read an old issue of “Texas Highways” travel magazine.

Nick had told me that there is electric power which I could use. However, he didn’t specify that it was at the light poles around the parking lot; so I thought I’d have to be let in through the gate to the area where the used RVs are kept. The woman at the service counter told me about the light pole outlets. I was a bit disgusted that I had wasted gasoline using my generator when I could have already been plugged into electricity. At the first pole which I tried, the outlet didn’t work; so I moved to another one and it was fine. I was about to turn into a grump!


Route: US 183 S => TX 138 E to Florence => TX 195 E to Georgetown => I-35 N to Crestview RV Center

Total Miles Driven: 46

Weather Conditions: Sunny, warm and windy

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