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Campground we stayed in at Oklahoma City

Travelling to Sulphur

A Bit small

Parked in Davis about 7 miles away from Suphur



Davis- bit dead

Walking around Arbuckle Lake


Loads of spring flowers




Loads of different bugs










View from Bromide Hill





Stopped off here while hiking






One of the Bison we saw

Sulphur another dead town

Te Storm Shelter on the campground in Sulphur just in case we...

Painted Bunting first time we have seen one ( sorry not good...

Friday we spent the day at Chickasaw Recreation Area where the Arbuckle Lake is, so first we walked a trail by the lake it is so colourful there with loads of spring flowers in bloom plus lots of different bugs as you will see in the photos. It is a very large area so back in the car to park near another trail where we hiked from Bromide Hill (where it overlooks the mountains) to see the Bison, it was about a 3-4 mile loop walk, we saw about 10 Bison with 2 calves. We came home about 4pm for a couple of hours then drove out to another part of the park where there was a place called Little Niagara except it was all bone dry, they have had little rain here for ages and all the lakes, ponds & rivers are very low, but we found out they had drained Little Niagara due to Blue algae & stagnant water causing bacteria.

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