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English Phonebooth

English Garden

We are now in Yorkshire! We don't have internet access from our cottage, so we have found a cafe where we can access it for a short time.

Our last days in Royal Tunbridge Wells were very nice as we continued to "play house" at the Fenbys'. We enjoyed their big kitchen and all their cool kitchen gadgets -- a great improvement from those little corner things we had in Paris. I went through their cookbooks and made Toad in the Hole, which is sausages cooked into yorkshire pudding. Yummy!

Also, one night Tim and I walked down to the local Fish and Chips place to get take away while Dwight and Blake drove to the store to get Boddingtons beer. When in Rome (England)...

While in Tunbridge Wells, we also visited an enchanted forest, with dinosaurs and dragons lurking about. A good short outing. Then we went to see Noddy (a cartoon character that Tim found out about in France, although there he was known as Oui Oui) who was visiting a local castle. While there, we asked if Noddy (or Oui Oui) has moved to the US yet, and they thought he had. So his Noddy "wellies" shouldn't look that crazy this winter.

What else? We went to a petting farm where we saw puppet shows, tractors, animals and Tim and I held a baby bunny.

Did we go into London? No. Did we go to Windsor Castle? No. Did we get over to Bath? No. Now, before you feel too sorry for us in that we are over here with so many cool things to do and we spend our time at petting zoos and meeting TV cartoon personalities, we have found that even doing these things, we are able to experience the English culture, and finding our way to these places allows us to see the English countryside. It is so pretty here, especially when it is not overcast or raining.

On Saturday we packed up, said goodbye to the nice, big house, and drove up to North Yorkshire. We are now staying in a cottage in Pickering, and the highlight has definitely been that Lyn, Paul, Rupert, and Julian are also up here on a week holiday visiting Paul's parents and showing us around! Today they actually took the boys to the Dalby Forest so that Dwight and I could go into York alone. They have been amazingly generous, and I hope that they will visit us in Seattle some day soon so that we can return the hospitality!

Other than York, this first week here we have taken a steam train up to Whitby, which is a cute seaside town where we had fish and chips on the beach and Tim, Rupert and Dwight had a big fall in the water. (Wish we had gotten that one on video.) We also went to Castle Howard, which is a gorgeous estate with beautiful grounds. Oh, and went to the Steam Tractor Fair, which was quite an event! LOTS of lorries, and tractors, and black smoke blowing in our faces. A boy's haven.

We have one more week here in Yorkshire, and then we move north into Scotland, where we will stay in Edinburgh and enjoy their annual Festival!

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