Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2013 travel blog

Welcome to Texas

A huge Texas star at the Welcome Center

Our campsite at Hidden Lake RV Park

Penny and E looking for an alligator in the canal

Texas, here we come!! Hit the road at 10:45 on a slightly cloudy but bright day. We passed quite a few crawfish farms while still in Louisiana. Something we learned at the Sundae Social last night was that rice farmers are switching to raising rice AND crawfish in the rice fields! Heck, I didn't even know we grew rice in the U.S.

Smooth sailing until we got to Lake Charles, LA when everything just came to a crawl due to repair work on the bridge over the upper end of Lake Charles (or maybe it was the Calcasieu River). Anyway, took us about 30 minutes to travel the 5 miles up to and over the VERY HIGH bridge. After that, we were rolling again. Stopped once at the Texas Welcome Center for refreshments and 2 geocaches and after that, it was only about 30 miles before we pulled into the Hidden Lake RV Resort where we'll be spending 2 nights before moving on into the Red Roof Inn in Houston.

One not-so-good thing happened on our way through Beaumont on I-10. I'm happily driving along in the middle lane when I see a flashing signboard saying "Avoid middle lane". Okay, I move into the right lane. About a mile down the road there is another sign..."Right lane ends; merge left". Okay, back to the middle lane. So we've gone about a mile and a half from when we first saw the "Avoid middle lane" sign and wow!! Now I know why!!! I saw the guy in front of me swerve but going 60 mph pulling 12,000 lbs behind me, I couldn't swerve and I hit it head on!! "IT" was huge gap in the highway about 6" deep by 8' wide and 5' front to back. It had smooth edges so I think they took the piece out and forgot to (1) fill the gap in and (2) put a barrier or cones near it so people could avoid it. We did not avoid it! WHAM!! I'm surprised we didn't have 8 tires blown out! Goodness knows just what it did to the truck or trailer in areas we can't see. I'm going to have the place in Houston check the trailer out and just hope the truck is okay. That was horrible!!

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