Bali - May 2013 travel blog

We finally made it home today, but spent the last 1.5 days of our time relaxing with our friends and eating more food/sharing a few 'tangs.

We met a couple from Chicago at breakfast - Jenny and Sean - who live about 2 miles from us in Chicago. On their honeymoon, Jenny asked David about his cubs hat while Sean sat there in a White Sox one. David had stalked them the prior day because of that hat, so if she hadn't struck up a conversation, he probably would have. Amanda and Ryan came into Ubud from the W in Semanyak for monkeys and the 6 of us sat around for hours eating spring rolls and bintangs. Amazing how we came so far to find and meet people from home. Amazing people. Made the trip that much better.

On our last day, we unfortunately missed a major event in Ubud, the cremation ceremony for Tjokorda Ngurah Wim Sukawati, the son of the last Balinese King who died in a hospital on February 24, 2013 in Jakarta at the age of 90. In Ubud the day before we saw his cremation tower being built: This member of the royal family received a 9 tier, 22 meter tall tower to transport his body to the cemetery. The whole structure will be burned with the body, according to our cab driver.

I couldn't sleep at all and their was poor food in the clubs and flights, but that might have been clouded by the mood of the return. Or the fact that I have a bazillion bug bites that seam to be 10x worse than the US bugs bite. Back to reality tomorrow! Such an amazing trip, can't wait to come back in another few years.

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