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I think this is a bayou

I KNOW this is a muddy river

Crossing the Mississippi at Baton Rouge

I-12 crossing over a very wide swamp/bayou/river

I think this might be flooded land because the trees don't normally...

Our campsite at Frog City RV Park

One VERY NICE Fancy rig

And this is what it tows!

Welcome to Rayne...Frog Capital of the World!

Happy Frog

Frogs before the court

Only his fingernails and toenails are painted so far

Another mural

This is the King Frog

This frog is a very snappy dresser!

A little frog band

Frogs in the pavilion

Someone had originally spelled "Capitol" so they whitened it out but forgot...

Frog on the interstate bank

Mrs. Frog and child at the campground office

Off to a late start (11:15)this bright sunny day for the 260-mile drive to our next stop on the way to Houston, Texas -- Duson, Louisiana. Through the rest of Alabama, straight on through Mississippi, and into Louisiana we went. Crossed some rivers with names I couldn't even begin to pronounce and over miles of swamps and bayous. Stopped at a couple of rest areas for a walk-about, some refreshments, and some geocaches. We skipped the New Orleans southern route and slipped off I-10 at Slidell and took the shorter I-12 route to the north before joining up to I-10 again just east of Baton Rouge. The whole trip was over some really nice roads UNTIL WE GOT TO BATON ROUGE!!! Ohmigosh, it should be illegal to even consider that highway an interstate. Bump-de-bump-de-bump-de-bump...all the way through and for about 10 miles past Baton Rouge. Traffic kept flowing right along but I could only imagine what this was doing back in our "house"! I was never so happy to see nice, smooth blacktop as I was today!!

We pulled into the Frog City RV Park around 4:30. There are 2 other Titaniums here! Going to go visit them tomorrow.


Into Raynes, LA (the Frog Capital of the World) today to get gas and see what we could see. A lot of frogs is what we saw!! Frog statues all over town; frog murals on many of the businesses. Really neat. There are about 50 frog statues around town but we didn't stay long enough to see them all. We did see some of the murals, too, and they were really neat. One place we didn't get to see 'cause Bob was getting a little tired was the St. Joseph Cemetery where the gravesites are arranged in a north/south configuration instead of the normal east/west layout.

And on back to the campground where we chatted a bit with another Titanium owner (he loves his, too) and went to the first "Make Your Own Sundae" get-together at the office.

Tomorrow, on to Beaumont, Texas.

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