Jerry singing at FantaSea BBQ & Grill


Their new Shipwreck Burger...we didn't try that one..:-)

Jerry picking up our BBQ plates..yum!

Rick at the Audubon Big Sit tent area...

Rick's birding list from the Big Sit was huge..

Rick spotting birds in the air..

Jerry enjoyed a lot of fishing ...

Last one...Jerry's shark, he had fun getting this hook out..:-)

I have been extremely lazy about doing updates lately. We have been busy beavers going to the “Big Sit” Audubon birding event, singing karaoke at our friends restaurant that just opened for the season, sunning on the beach and just plain relaxing. It felt so good to take time off from updates, I might get used to only doing them once a month. :-)

Check out this video for more information about the Audubon Big Sit: I am now up to 390 birds on my bird count. Texas has been awesome for birding.

The Big Sit

I do have some wonderful news to share, our house has leased again for another year. We didn’t even have to go home and clean up and get it ready. The tenants who were there last year requested one extra month in the house, while they were there our realtor found a new tenant who leased it for the next year, they are moving in June 1st. We had planned to go to Florida and move our stuff from storage to our storage shed in our yard, but we figured the cost of driving to FL would be more than the money saved by moving it into our shed. We have totally changed our plans, we are now heading to Colorado for the summer with a few stops along the way.

I am adding “catch-up” pictures of all the things we have been doing since the last update and hope you enjoy them. We are very excited to be leaving for Colorado in a couple of days. I also want to wish all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Check back later for more.

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