Roseann's trip to Spain May 2013 travel blog

Same breakfast...same hotel.

Loading onto bus experience...not so good. Four of us at the end of the line get caught by a red light. Pedestrians definitely do not have the right of way so if the light turns red you do not step your foot off the curb! So...when said light turns green, we cross and can see NONE of our group. We walk to the next block and see NONE of our group. The guy with us says we should stay put and we do. Long story short, half an hour later I ask a businessman off the street to call the guide and they are all on the bus half a block behind us...searching behind the bus and in the square! They thought I was the only one missing so everyone was really worried. My "buddy" did not report me missing when they did a buddy check. Thank god for Flo telling the leader that I was not on the bus!!

Rest of the day went really well. We had a wonderful guided tour through the town of Segovia...55,000 people, a Roman aqueduct, a grand cathedral, and a historic castle...3,000 feet above sea level. Nice respite from the noise and masses of people in Madrid. Our guide had the best voice and an infectious enthusiam for the history of his country. Flo said he sounded just like Carl Sagen.

Our amazing 2:30 lunch...roast suckling pig...Segovias culinary claim to fame! Leak salad, potato croquets, ham/egg/potato dish, suckling pig, and poncho segoviano (dessert made with an almond and honey mazapan base) with fruit and ice-cream! Ritual before serving the must be cut with a plate and the plate in dropped on the floor! One of our tour members did the honors. We were also served a local wine from the restaurant owner's so far!! Needless to say, we had gelato for dinner!

Wandered the upscale food market, then watched part of a parade, then watched some musicians performing in our square before climbing the stairs to pack and journal!

Every street in the area is filled with people...literally filled! Friday night in Madrid...the biggest party city in Europe!

Couldn't get my iPad to accept the wifi connection so I am disappointed tonight...can't play any Words or Welder 𯘢.

Other Madrid info:

Large Latin population...locals don't like that they are taking jobs...sound familiar

Lively nightlife. Average Spaniard sleeps 45 minutes less than anyone else in Europe.

After Tokyo, people in Madrid consume the most fish.

Second greenest city in the world...Tokyo is first.

Ham obsession is over-the-top here! We've even had ham flavored potato chips!

The children have a tooth mouse instead of a tooth fairy.

Guide said if a girl wants to get married she should reserve the church first and then find a boyfriend...takes a couple of years to reserve a spot at church for a wedding!

Claim 8 months of winter and 4 months of July and August it can get to 120 degrees here!

95% Catholic but most only go to church 3 times in a be baptized, to marry, and to be buried.

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