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Few days since ive written...been in transit most of the time! I finally got my cash card from fed ex...i was so excited when i got it and it actually worked! Yeah baby! So now i can get money again...still having a problem with paypal (trying to pay my new roommates in miami for my place and paypal wont go through cuz im not answering my cell phone...duh) but at least i have money for myself now. So i ended up meeting up with preacher dave, teacher steve, and steves friend melissa in the guatemala city airport and off we headed for honduras...it was actually a really long trip...monday we travelled from guatemala city to copan, honduras..copan are ancient mayan ruins and we had planned to tour them but we got there so late that we couldnt, and we had to catch the onward but to our final destination at 5am the next morning! We got hosed a few times by bus drivers who said we were taking "direct" buses to exactly where we wanted to go, but of course they werent to where we wanted to go, and they were not direct, but at least we had pretty comfy transport...a bus with air con and reclining seats..so tuesday night we finally made it to our destination...the island of roatan 30 miles off the coast of honduras, so here we are!! Wee haa!

We got here and, of course, ran into a snag with finding a hotel...there is some big international music fest (caribfest) starting on the island on friday so all the hotels were totally full, so last night when we got in we stayed in a hotel that was in the process of being built...it will be really nice when it is done (hard wood floors, kitchen, etc) but last night there were no light bulbs, no fans, and it was kinda uncomfortable, but we were all so tired from travelling we just crashed. This morning we found a nice place..$50 for 2 rooms for the 4 of us and a shared kitchen and bathroom at Mariposa Guesthouse...its nice. Today we took a water taxi to a beach here on the island and lazed on the beach all day...the water is the most beautiful water ive ever seen....crystal clear and bluish green...clearer than any resort pool youve ever seen, and amazing fish...parrot fish that are rainbow pastel colored, pencil fish, puffers...we went snorkelling, laid in the sun, got lunch on the beach...what a chill day. Dave wants to go diving cuz these islands (the bay islands) are the cheapest in the world to dive at, and there is a reef a few meters offshore that is the second biggest reef after the great barrier reef in australia, but im not feeling like diving....the diving here goes deep...like 100 feet (supposedly it is absolutely crystal clear at 100 feet too!) but im kinda scared...the deepest ive gone is 30 feet, and id like to feel comfortable diving at 30 or 40 feet before i feel pressure to go deeper....at 30 feet i have terrible problems with pressurizing my ears (since ive always had lots of ear problems) so im a bit worried about going deeper, so i dont think im gonna do it...if i do go diving deeper, i want it to be in a situation where i feel totally comfortable and relaxed and not pressured into it.

Tomorrow i think im gonna rent a motorcycle and ride around the island and check out other beaches, then friday we are just gonna chill and check out the music fest that night, then leave really early saturday morning, make it back to the copan ruins saturday night, check out the ruins sunday morning, then back to guatemala city sunday night and we all fly out monday ... my flight isnt until 10pm so ill have lots of time in that lovely city..goodie. Im actualy thinking about staying another week...now that it is actually time to come home, i dont want to! But i cant really think of any other place close to guatemala city that i could see for cheap, so maybe ill just come home.

We are buying some rotisserie chicken and beer tonight and hanging out in our room and playing hearts...my type of vacation. Oh...my camera is toast...and i didnt do anything to it! It just stopped working, so no more pictures...but man oh man it is beautiful here...i have never seen water so absolutely still and clear!

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