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First jump on the last day(day 5). In frefall I am 10...

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Third jump on the last day(day 5) Climbing out of airplane that...

We drove from Las Vegas to Lake Elsinore in Southern CA so I could participate in the SOS(Skydivers over Sixty) world record attempts. The plan was to build a 72 person freefall formation out of 4 airplanes. Everyone on the skydives had to be at least 60 years old. Several people were well into their seventies. Everyone had many hundreds, or many thousands of skydives!

I made 19 jumps over 9 days. The last twelve were part of the practice and actual record attempts. The old record was(and still is!)60. We built several formations that were bigger than 60 but not all jumpers were hooked up.

Both of these videos are taken by a videographer from our airplane. He is the first to climb out and moves to the very back position and freefalls with us. Five jumpers(called floaters)then climb out. You will see me climb out with a black leather helmet, a black jumpsuit and a burgundy and silver rig. There are 14 more jumpers in our plane that follow us out. The plane you can see us looking at is the lead plane(22 jumpers) with the base group that we dive down to. There are two more planes in the formation to the left and behind that can't be seen in these videos.

The 1st video is the 1st jump the last day and the 2nd is the very last jump. As you look at the videos you will see my approach into the formation in the second wave of people from around the 10-11 o'clock position. Everybody has an exact spot they are to dock.

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