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On Guard!

Open house lunch

Our Bedroom

We trundled in the minibus into Ta phraya during the afternoon and were greeted by all the children who congregate outside the church to play with the Western kids.

We stayed with our friends the Talbots who have moved to Thailand to work with the Christian church there. They have 5 children, so our kids had a great time playing with them and the Thai kids on the street and getting filthy

We spent the week sleeping on the church floor which as the photo shows, is far better than it sounds and very welcoming. The water supply dribbled in twice a day and filled up tanks which we used for washing. This was all quite a contrast to the Hotel in Bangkok, but we felt as though we were in the depths of Thailand and enjoyed spending time with our friends, meeting the locals and seeing how the church works. Pastor Saard has invited us back to set up a church in the nearby district, but we do not feel the call of God for this yet! While we were there we had the use of a 12 seater minibus so Ian was able to take us out on a few trips to the local villages, to a reservoir for a picnic and to Aran where we had a swim at a hotel, but most of the time we were at home, the children playing happily and us attending to household chores and talking of course!

Gabrielle was very happy and coping brilliantly withe the primitive living conditions, the home schooling, the baby, all the Thais and the Thai language. She definitely felt she was in the right place. She has been very encouraged that Tapraya is more developed than ten years before when they first lived here. in fact she was able to get hold of most things that they needed.

While we were there we went to see the house that was being built where thay were going to be living. It was really quite grand, and Gabrielle was especially grateful as she had beed shown a number of houses as alternatives which would have been far from comfortable.

We had Thai cuisine all week, cooked by Thaew,the pastor's wife, which was excellent. The main downside to this part of the trip was Bernie getting the Lurgi and being out of action for a few days. We learned that the church was built over a swamp and Bernie really felt that this was not helping him to get better. Ian was unwell too, but had his last trip with British Airways to do, so left for Bangkok and the UK with Tim for company, the day before we moved on.

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