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Good evening all, well after a grand southern breakfast with new friends this morning we returned to the campground got packed up and went 38.7 miles to our latest camping spot. It is one of the nicer spots this trip but the highlights are we cant hear any interstate traffic no railroad whistles and by far one of the fastest WiFi signals we have had the whole trip. Talked with our friends from Perry Sound and they are close to intercepting us likely by tomorrow, will be fun to see them again and travel with them for the next 2 weeks. Next stop will be in S Carolina where gas is below 3.05/gal will load the rig to the gunwales for sure. Good Nationwide race in Talladega tonite after 4hr delay with the expected multi car crash within sight of the finish line. So here is what everyone is waiting for, the question for next race in Darlington. Deadline for answers will be at 3pm EST on Tue 7 May.

1. Who was the original landowner of Darlington Raceway property before it's sale.

2. What did he not want disturbed during construction.

3. The closest finish in Nascar history happened at Darlington. When did it happen, who was it between and what was the margin of victory.

4.Tie breaker: Darlington Raceway has 2 nicknames. What are they?

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