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Hi everyone,

Of Course I loved Las Vegas but it really has changed, stayed the night there. Went to take pictures of the pawn shop that the "Pawn Stars" film from. That was cool ! I don't think we have been to Vegas for about 10 years. Of Course, When I lived in Calif. went to Vegas a lot, like in the 1960's & 70's. That 's when it was really a great place to visit because you would see stars gambling in casino's or even on the streets but now everything and everyone is guarded. I will say the best way to visit is to fly in and have Hotel etc. all waiting for you because even this time of year it is very crowded and hard to get up and down the strip in a car when you are not familiar with the area. It was fun, of course we didn't win in the casino's. The one thing that has changed for me is everything is valet and everyone more or less has their hand out for a tip. On to the Desert, the high Desert which is just beautiful and breath taking. We will probably stay on Hwy. 70 providing we don't get snowed in. It was 18 degrees when we woke up this morning, suppose to get in the 40's today. I want my 96-104 weather back!!!

I wish we could have gotten back on Southern Route. We are a mile from Aspen in Glenwood Springs, Colo. stayed there last night, very nice town. We looked up the Elks in Grand Junction, Colo., they took us on a tour (huge place) very nice people, made us feel like we had been friends for years. Had a drink with them and actually sat around for awhile with the people at the bar. Tried to check the one out in Glenwood Springs, but they were closed for a meeting but they offer dinner every night. We drove about 330 miles yesterday. Heading toward Denver today about 190 miles.

We hope everyone is doing fine. We are hoping all the snow is melted in Denver when we get there, it snowed last night about 1-5 inches. The mountains are beautiful here.

Hopefully we will be home by Sunday this week but have to be home by the ninth, Jim has Doc. appoint.

Take Care Everyone, see you all soon.

Love, Jim and Judy

P.S. The friends we met in Grand Junction, Colo. said they hoped we checked out the Elks in Las Vegas because it is really beautiful and great food. We did not, didn't even think of it. Apparently Vegas has about three Elk locations. Next time.

Very Anxious to get to cycling before I have my knee replaced in June!

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