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Home sweet home!

Day 31 of our trip – Saturday 27 April 2013

Willie’s Retreat, Macquarie Marshes – Home sweet home!

Today we had a good night’s sleep ready for going home. We packed up the camper for the last time. Today was going to be a big day. We felt sad to say goodbye to our holiday. But before we left we had a good chat to Myra, the very old lady who owns the property we were staying at. We also had a look around the property and drove to the southern end of the Macquarie Marshes which was interesting, we would like to come back to this place to explore further.

We eventually got on road to head for home. We stopped at Dubbo to have lunch in a park and stretch our legs.

For our final treat we stopped at a Chinese Restaurant at Hazelbrook for dinner. We enjoyed chatting about the holiday and decided on our favourite places.

We have had a great holiday and an experience.

On the trip we travelled 9321km over four and half weeks.

Now we just need to do the big unpack and lots of cleaning to get rid of all the red dirt we have brought home with us!

This is some information about our favourite and least favourite things on the trip.

Questions Dad Mum Alex Elissa

Favourite Campsite

Dad: Ormiston Gorge

Mum:The Bridge

Alex: Mungerannie Station

Me: Dalhousie Springs

Worst Campsite

Dad, Mum and Alex: Erldunda

Me: Painted desert because of the dog

Favourite Meal

Dad,Alex and me:Baked dinner at Penrose Park

Mum: Baked dinner at Coward Springs

Best Toilet

Dad and Alex:Coober Pedy

Mum and me: Tippipila Creek Bush Camp because Mum cleaned them

Worst Toilet

All of us: Dalhousie Springs

Favourite Activity

Dad: Swimming in Ormiston Gorge

Mum:Visiting the Painted Desert and seeing Uluru

Alex and I:Swimming in gorges and springs

Most Enjoyable walk

All of us: Kings Canyon Rim walk

The best thing about being home

Dad: Seeing James

Mum: My ensuite and seeing having James with us again

Alex: Seeing friends and family

Elissa: No flies, clean toilets and seeing everybody again

Worst thing about being home

Dad:Getting up at 4am for work

Mum: Stress! Too much to do.

Alex: Studying for exams

Me: A lot of work

Hope you have enjoyed reading my trip journal, thank you all for reading it and sharing my experiences. Thank you for your comments and emails.

So that is the end of of adventure!

Love Elissa

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