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So since I last updated, not a lot has happened. Made my way from Abidjan to a town called Cape Coast in Ghana, and stayed put for a week there. Cape Coast is an ok place , but there was too many people looking for money from you. For the first time I saw loads of white people, but all of them were working/volunteering there, and they pretty much keep themselves to themselves,also, I found them slightly stuck up, as they are of the opinion that they are out here changing the, they're not!! Loads of young Scandinavian girls, and I do find them to be the most naive people , and every one of them has a local reggae type beachbum boyfriend. They really are asking for trouble. Ghana has been so so easy compared to the rest of West Africa, and it's easy to see why it has the moniker " Africa for beginners" Accra, was a very nice capital city, and getting around was a breeze.

After a couple of days there the plan was to head up North towards Burkina Faso, but for whatever reason, I decided not to, and instead made my way to Togo! It was only 3 hours to get here, in an air-conditioned mini-bus no less, and the border crossing was a little chaotic. The strange thing is that the captal of Togo, Lome, is actually right at the border, so it's basically a border town, which is very strange for a capital. So after arranging to get a visa at the border for only 14 pounds..a bargain..I made my way 500m metres down the road to a very nice guesthouse which is only a tenner a night..result! They even have wi-fi! Tomorrow I intend to head a couple of hours North of here to a small town which is meant to have superb scenery. After this I intended to head much further North whereby I would cross into Benin as there is a national park there that I would like to visit. However, after chatting to people who own this guesthoue, and some online investigating, it would appear that this park is very difficult to get to, plus if you are on your own then it costs a small fortune as you would need to hire a car. This is the problem with West Africa, getting to places can be very difficult and costly, simply because noone goes there as they are so remote, where as in the rest of Africa this isn't a problem given the sheer number of tourists. Anyway, I will decide in a couple of days, but if it doesn't seem feasible then I will stick to the coast and head to Benin from here, which is just around 2/3 hours. Togo and Benin are major voodoo countries, and so I will be visiting a fetish market ( not that kind) either here or in Benin.

After a week in Benin I will be off to Nigeria, and Lagos. Now, Lagos has such a terrible reputation that even I am slightly worried about a visit there. I am still trying to get a visa for the DRC, but if that becomes impossible, which is looking more and more likely, then I will be flying to Glasgow via Dubai from Lagos, so I could well be home by mid-May. The flight home is cheap at 350 pounds, and it's with Emirates, although I am not sure if you can pay online with them, and instead have to book the flight and then find an Emirates office within 72 hours to pay, unless they cancel the flight..hmmm!

Ok, that's all folks!

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