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Bower birds nest

Spotted bower bird

Day 30 of our undertaking – Friday 26 April 2013

Meadow Glen Free camp site 63km outside of Cobar – Willie’s Retreat, Macquarie Marshes

Today we woke up and last night had been freezing cold night so I hopped into Mum and Dads bed during the night. When we got up at 8am the free campsite was nearly empty, all the grey nomads had left extremely early. We packed up and there was only one person left. This also meant that the greedy apostle birds had to go to us and try to grab our food.

We got on the road and we were first of all heading to Cobar town. Pretty soon we got there and had a look at the town and the visitors centre. Here we made a connection with the man who worked here. As you might know or if you don’t my Mums grandma and her family grew up in Cobar on a property. Some of the relatives still live there. Bessie, my Mums grandmother doesn’t anymore as she lives in Sydney. She moved to Sydney when she got married. She is the second eldest of 13 children. This man knew my great grandmothers family. He told us he is writing a book about Bessie’s brother in laws, father.

Every second year we have a family reunion at Cobar that over 260 people come to.

After that we went to the shops and brought a thick shake then we got on the road heading to Macquarie Marshes which we were not sure how to get to.

On the way we saw many cows, sheep and heaps of emus. It has surprised me that we didn’t see many kangaroos, but we have seen an endless amount of cattle and emus.

After finding our way, we finally reached our destination, Willie Retreat next to the Macquarie Marshes. The lady owner runs this all by herself, she farms sheep and also has chickens and pigs, breeds birds for National Parks, owns this business and she is about in her 80’s. Her husband died suddenly last year. She is a very interesting lady, full of stories and information we now have. She even rides a motor bike and builds and fixes everything herself. She had just come back from saving sheep out of dams that have had turned into mud. The sheep were stuck in the mud so she needed to pull them out.

We had a proper shower after yesterday wiping ourselves with baby wipes, as there was no showers and we couldn’t be bothered to set up our shower. After a lovely shower we had a look at this place. We enjoyed watching a gorgeous full moon rising in one direction and a pretty sunset in another direction.

There was some bower bird nests and one was made with sheep bones and the other with sticks and glass. We also saw the pig and it was about the size of the emu next to it. Apparently, there was a pig even bigger and about double length and width way.

We watched a video about the Macquarie Marshes and then had dinner.

After dinner we made a desert for us in the camp oven. We served ourselves then sat by the camp fire to eat it, leaving the rest of the dessert on the table. At one stage I looked up from my spot around the campfire and saw the owner’s cat on our table licking our dessert – yuk! We threw the rest of the dessert into the campfire!

After dinner we looked at all the frogs and then went to bed.

That was day 30 of our undertaking.

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