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Channel Islands Visitors Center

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Sunset on the Pacific

Today we drove from San Diego north to Ventura to get in position to visit the Channel Islands National Park tomorrow. All the way from San Diego through Los Angeles, the freeway was 4 or more lanes in each direction, except for one short stretch of 3 lanes each way, and all of them were crowded with cars. Makes you wonder where all the people come from and where they´re going. And makes us glad we live in Mena where three cars in line at a stop light is a traffic jam.

We made it here in time to go to the Visitors´Center for the park which is on the mainland. We got more information than we can assimilate.

Now we are parked by the side of California 1, the coast road, in what passes for a Santa Barbara County beach park. There is a beach down below the rocks, and the Pacific is living up to its name. There´s enough of a breeze to be comfortable, and we´re ready to head for the boat to the islands in the morning.

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