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Carpe boondocking on TX 290 south of I 10

Why we love the west...
This is I 10 in eastern New Mexico

Welcome to the Lone Star State

East of El Paso
No, Carpe does not run this fast...

The Interstate must go through...

Wed, 24 Apr: And how the wind did howl! We were able to extend the starboard slide around sunset but the slide topper (canvas that keeps rain and debris from the top of the slide) had become tangled by the wind and was flapping. Neither of us slept very well.

First light we got out the ladder and Bob climbed up and untangled the slide topper. He did a good job and we were able to safely retract the slide for travel with no problem. But it wasn't the most enjoyable task as the winds continued, albeit somewhat abated, and it was in the low fifties. Brrrr, it sure was good to get back into the coach.

We breakfasted and got Carpe ready for the road. Since we were boondocking and did not disconnect Dinkum it was a fairly easy task. We started the engine and let it warm up a bit as we were very close to the Interstate and didn't want to run it cold. Even with all the preparations we still rolled wheels a bit before eight.

Our route took us east in Interstate 10 through some very desolate parts of New Mexico. It is a beautiful scene and, as usual, we were struck with the beauty of the desert. The winds were mostly on our nose from the left but they weren't that bad.

We crossed into Texas west of El Paso a about 1030. First stop was at a Pilot truck stop to top off our diesel tank. We didn't do that bad as 45 gallons was all she took. Next stop the Texas Welcome Center for maps, guides, and other touristy stuff.

Once through El Paso the traffic lightened considerably and the speed limit went to 80 mph. Carpe could go that fast but we don't drive her that hard. We continued our "stately" and efficient speed and enjoy the scenery.

Lunch at a rest stop and onward ho! We switched drivers after every hundred miles or so and finally stopped for the night at a gravel turnout on TX 290 west of Ozona. We found a nice wide gravel area that was quite level and the traffic on 290 was virtually non-existent. A perfect place to overnite.

It was a very long day for us, 423 miles. We had a simple dinner and were in bed shortly after nine. It was a quiet nite with no howling wind and, as stated, virtually no traffic.

We traveled exclusively on I 10 from Deming, NM to Ozona, TX. The trip computer reported that our fuel economy was 9.0 mpg. Not bad for a windy day.

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