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Meadow Glen free campsite, 63km from Cobar

Making damper for dinner

Dinner cooking

Dinner looks good!

Day 29 of our adventure – Thursday 25 April 2013

Penrose Park, Silverton – Meadow Glen Free camp site 63km outside of Cobar

Woke to a lovely sunny day after a very cold night. Our plans were drive back into Broken Hill, buy diesel and some groceries, Mum wanted to go to Tourist information centre (like she always does) and Alex wanted to go Vinnies to clothes shop (like he always wants to do). Once all that was done we were going to go to Belle’s Milkbar for a milkshake, we were all really looking forward to this. We had been to Belle’s on our last visit to Broken Hill, Belle’s is an old fashioned milkbar with delicious milkshakes that come in so many different flavours. We had our morning planned when we realised it was Anzac day so things probably wouldn't be open, but we still hoped that maybe they would be.

We packed up our camper, looked around the campsite which looks different in the light, there was plenty of space and lots of animals in cages.

We headed back to Broken Hill to go to the Tourist Information Centre, the lady there told us that the shops and Belle’s would not open until 1pm and there were several Op shops for Alex but they would not open at all today. We were all very disappointed, we had our taste buds ready our milkshakes.

In the end we just got diesel and had a thickshake from McDonalds, then got back on the road heading for somewhere near Cobar that we can have a campfire.

On this drive we saw so many goats, they were everywhere and we saw a few emus. At about 4pm we saw a free campsite 63km before Cobar, there were already about 10 caravans set up for the night. We thought this place must be the place to be, so we pulled over to check it out. We had a vote and all agreed to stay the night here. We had a chat to some of the people there, set our camper up, and then started getting ready for dinner. The only problem here was the toilet was a drop toilet and it really stunk!

Mum and I made damper for dinner, she made a savoury damper and I made a sweet maple syrup damper, I had been shown how to make this on my Bathurst school excursion.

We had a delicious dinner of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and damper, cooked over the fire – what a great dinner.

We took some damper over to the people we got talking to when we arrived and had a long chat to them. They enjoyed the damper.

After dinner we sat around the campfire and voted on our favourite things about the holiday. We are getting a bit sad now as we are at the very end of our holiday, but we have had a great time.

All the other campers had gone to bed and it felt very late, but when we looked at our watch it was only 8pm, we are not usually organised this early. We decided to have an early night like everyone else!

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