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Day 23 of our delight – Friday 19 April 2013

Ayers Rock Resort

Today if we felt active the best way to go would be to get up early to see the sunrise and then start the Valley of the Winds walk at Kata Tjuta which was 7.6km but we were very tired from getting up so early on previous days to watch sunrises so we decided we would postpone the walk to about 8’oclock.

It was cool in the morning but we knew it was going to get extremely hot so we wanted to try to get a lot done in the cool of the day. Today was predicated to be 32 degrees.

We drove the 50km to the beginning of the walk. Here we walked through the domes of Kata Tjuta. Kate Tjuta is even taller than Uluru. Both of them are taller than the Eiffel Tower. Kata Tjuta has 36 domes.

After going up this big mountain we realised we didn’t have to go up that big rock as there was a pathway on the side that was extremely flat. We were following the people in front of us and hoping they were right but they weren’t. Enough of following those people, so we are on our own.

We walked up to a look out and stopped and had a little snack, took many photos and worked out how we were going to safely make it down the gorge. It was looking over the gorges between two of the domes.

We saw one of many kangaroos and said hello to every tourist we passed by.

We were very hot by time we finished the walk so we had a cool ice block. We drove back to the campsite in the hope of that the Atkins were there and they were. We had a speedy lunch then got dressed for the pool.

The Atkins and us went for a swim but the pool was very crowded. We hadn’t been in the pool long when we all very rapidly got out of the pool. A person did there toilet stop in the pool!

After that we decided that a cold shower is the way to go.

After our swim we went and visited the Cultural Centre again with the Atkins, it was nice and cool in here. We watched an interesting DVD on the history of Uluru.

After finishing that we went to the Uluru sunset again.

Dinner and bed and that was basically all that happened after watching the sunset. That was day 23 of our delight.

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