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Day 22 of our enjoyment – Thursday 18 April 2013

Ayers Rock Resort

We decided that we would follow along with the free Mala Ranger walk first 2km (which is the Mala walk) then continue the rest of the way around Uluru. The ranger was very interesting but he was taking a bit long for us as we had to do the whole walk around Uluru compared to 2km. eventually we separated from the tour guide and started to pick up the km’s.

After a very nice breakfast we drove to the car pack where you start the Mala walk which is the start of the walk around Uluru. It is also the start of where people climb Uluru but we are not climbing as the Aboriginals ask you not to. As it was windy the climb was closed. There was a person who wanted to climb who was very angry. He complained to the ranger and then drove of very angrily.

Uluru is not a smooth rock like you may think, when you see it close there is different holes, textures, lines and colours. Each hole had a story that the Aboriginals believed that we read about in the visitors centre. On many places throughout the walk around Uluru there were places that you weren’t allowed to take picture as the Aboriginals believed that was too special for photos. Uluru is the biggest monolith in the world, a monolith is a single rock. Uluru is very tall, but only one third of it can be seen above ground and the other two thirds are below the ground.

It was getting more into the heat of the day and we were very happy to finish the walk. This walk I found quite interesting and I realised when you look up Uluru is absolutely massive. My parents realised that they have extended the base walk as when we went here 8 years ago you used to be walking right next to the rock but this time it was walking not so near the rock. The walk around the base is 10.4km’s.

When we got back to the caravan park we had a nice refreshing swim along with lots of other people, it was packed! We quickly got out when we think we saw somebody do a toilet stop in pool! We decided that having a cold shower was the way to go.

For sunset we went to the Kata Tjuta and had a walk there. WE went to bed early as ready for an early day tomorrow.

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