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The two months we spent in Buckeye sped by fast. We just kicked back and relaxed and played catch-up with some of the chores we had to get done. There was a little excitement there.... one person had a heart attack and passed away (she was in her early 50's); someone's motorhome caught on fire, refrigerator was the cause; someone robbed the Bank of America near us. We got the bikes down and rode them, walked daily, and I went swimming a few times.

Chris and Donna Binnard stopped by to see us and we went to eat at a local Mexican Restaurant. They had gone to Quartzsite but since Jack was sick we didn't get to see them. They went and stayed a month in Brenda, AZ at BlackRock RV Park then came out to see us before they went back to CA.

One day we had to go to the RV Store in Mesa, AZ, so we stopped in to see Paul and Kathie Carlson. We had a nice visit at their RV Park - Valle del Oro in Mesa. We went to eat at a Chinese Buffet....great food, good company as usual.

Linda Dean made us a new sandbag like a "Dump Buddy" to place over our sewer hose, while we're parked, to keep it in place. She lives in New River, so we met half way in Peoria and had a nice lunch. We couldn't find one to buy another, so I begged and pleaded for her to make us one, since I knew she has an upholstery sewing machine, and she did!!! Linda is doing well since Bill passed away in August. She is going to continue being a camp host at a campground in Flagstaff, like they were doing. We worked with them at Yellowstone (Mammoth) and Amazon.

We were supposed to connect with some other people, but the time was gone before we knew it.

We happened to stay in Coachella during the week (in between the two weekends) of the big concert happenings (supposed to be similar to Woodstock in 1967) but thank heaven we were not in the middle of it. We saw a lot of traffic headed there, but it was not near the Spotlight 29 where we stayed. Whew!!!!

Well.... onward to Santa Clarita.

Our thoughts go to those affected in Boston and West, TX at this time. Absolutely horrible that someone would set off a bomb the marathon; and all affected by the explosion in West, TX at the fertilizer company near Waco.

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