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Mt Connor, the fake Ayers Rock

First glimpse of Uluru



Day 21 of our excitement - Wednesday 17 April 2013

Kings Canyon to Uluru- Ayers Rock Resort

Today I woke up to know that I was going to see Uluru. The thing that I have only imagined about, well I did see it when I was 3 years old but I don’t remember.

We got ready, packed up and said goodbye to these disgusting toilet and hopefully hello to some clean toilets for once.

After a while we got on the road and very soon stopped at Kings Creek Station. We stopped and we realised this was the place I went for a camel ride on my trip around Australia when I was 3 and got nits from wearing their helmet. I also didn’t end up going on the camel ride as I got scared. I stepped out walked away from my parents and realised I had to face heaps of dogs alone. I was silly and ran away from the dogs and luckily made it to the car first. We all jumped back in the car and drove off. We gave this place a miss.

Soon I saw the thing I had been imaging for ages - Uluru. I was excited and then told my mum this exciting news. Unfortunately it wasn’t Uluru it was Mount Connor. Apparently many people mistake Mt Connor for Uluru.

Soon we saw the real Uluru. I jumped for joy. Uluru at last. We went to Ayers Rock Resort, quickly chose our campsite in the heat of the day and went to the air conditioned Cultural Centre. We found out lots of information about Uluru Kata Tjuta. We read about the Aborigines stories of how each of the holes and marks came about on Uluru. The aboriginals here are Ptinjinjara. We learnt a lot about their dreamtime stories and some of the useful plant they use to eat and for medicines. We were sad to read about what the white people made them go through.

After reading a lot of information at the Cultural Centre we drove to the sunset car park to view the sunset over Uluru as we didn’t want to miss another sunset. We got there nice and early. I was told to take a photo of Uluru every 5 minutes. At the time I didn’t notice that Uluru was changing but looking back on my photos you really notice.

We had dinner then went bed ready for the next day.

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