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Clare, Sara and Trevor

Clare n I at the Vente

The Nude Beach

Young Nephew Crap

Celia and Clare

Finally Piella

The Hotel in Maro

Pool at Little Brittain

Spanish Cemetary

That SunSet again

I feel a little bit like Al right now (Hello Al miss you heaps) as I have almost devoted a whole day to catching up on internet and sorting things out. As Jose spends the day in Southern Spain sorting his final things, as this is my last day in Spain, I too am catching up. I have now sent about 65 kgs back to Dubai, of what I really do not know, other than Golf Clubs; useless gifts from Honduras and of course José's iron (said without the R). Fiona will love it as it has a computer in it - he is very much into his technology although I am not sure how Ruini will take to it...... I have no idea how to use the most basic of irons anyway, so I hardly care!

Anyway, I will not devote a whole page to ironing..

So as Becca left following a great night in Malaga, Clare and I decided that we would head slightly north leaving Jose to go to work and tend to his last week as an employee of club la costa. We went to La Herrudura where we both know rather well as a result of us both being there before and spending time at Clare's family villa there. We caught up with Sara and Nigel, Clare's cousin and husband where we discovered the most fantastic of restaurants, hello to Alex and Kevin if they are reading this, the restaurant I forget the name of, but will let you all have it, as it is in itself well worth a trip to Spain, and for those of you in the Middle East, it does the best pork you have ever tasted, you do not need a knife to cut it and best of all it comes with no warning! A very drunken (no surprise there then) night was had and Clare and I fell into the tent where I spent the whole night farting up the best pork I had ever had - I know I keep saying that, but you will discover why later..

Sara had told us about the best beach in the area and we decided the following morning what better way to get rid of the hangovers than to laze around on it all day! So we did, the vente on the beach served up a great breakfast and as I sipped my coffee I was speechless looking at the waves, the cliffs, the sand, the very comfy sun beds and worst of all a 70 year old couples private bits, from behind - you could see what you should technically only see from the front as they bent down removing ALL their clothes! We then remembered that this was an official nudist beach, but not everyone did go nude!

After a while, and with the majority of people around us starkers, it was only fair that one of us did, as we were starting to look like a pervey couple, so after knowing Clare for all this time she finally got to see my bits, not in their glory as I am one of those shrivels! Especially with the water being so cold - not an excuse, it really was freezing!

An early night as we had an early start the following morning as we were going to drive to Murcia and La Manga to stay with Celia and Charlie. A long long drive it was too, but once off the motorway, stunning scenery and loads of derelict farm houses all of which with some imagination would be amazing places to buy and live. La Manga was however a total contrast and a cross between footballer's wives and little Britain. It really was quite foul! I am used to being called "Un Cool" David rather than Uncle David by several, Oscar names me "Ugly David" but the wonderful Harry and Jacko, (aged 7 and 9 respectfully) decided to christen me "Uncle Crap" for our duration of the stay!

We finally had Paella and returned 3 days later, almost with a deep sigh of relief as we left hordes of sunburnt brits behind us! Back to a night in the Tent and off to the beach again! Of course, as we were close we had to re-visit the restaurant again and try that Pork to confirm it was as good as we had remembered, and of course, it was every bit as nice and again - no knife needed....

I would leave Clare this evening for a side trip to Cordoba with Jose, a city where we had both wanted to go for a long time, but this meant Clare n her own for a while,. So we searched for a hotel, BINGO we found a great one in Maro a small village by Nerja but no British tourists at all. Great views and situated on a lovely Spanish square.

We returned there again after out trip to Cordoba and once again took Jose to the restaurant, where Clare and I for the third time had the pork, to be fair, it was also my third portion of sticky toffee pudding with extra toffee sauce...... MMMMMMMMMMMMM

I will now update you on Cordoba which as of now is possible one of the best cities I have been to in all my travels.....

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