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The beautiful town of Biarritze in France on my way back down...

One beach in San Sebastian...

The other beach in San Sebastian. The surf beach!

I think I wann chill here for a bit...I mean look at...

Just a local I took a picture of as he was making...

Outside my apartment...

Near the Cathedral

Estoy contento aqui

What a wonderful experience to see The Tour De France in person! I am very tired after a long weekend of very little sleep and no shower, other then the shower from nature I was blessed with on Friday afternoon, and a dip in the cold river streams of the mountains on Saturday. It was all worth it to see The Tour! I spoiled myself with a relatively nice hotel room last night, a long shower, and probably the best night's rest I have ever had.

I am still feeling very lazy today, but had many things to take care of. I found an apartment here in San Sebastion for little money and plan to stay here for some time. I have done most of the things that i set out to do and feel content staying in this town for a while. The only other place I feel a need to go to in Europe is Stockholm Sweden. Being that Amsterdam is in direct route I will be certain to stop there as well. My good friends Chad and Erik are planning to visit me somewhere but we have yet to determine a spot to meet. I have learned that my money sitch is a bit grave (a word used in Spanish often), and that I will have to cut back on moving around soo much and probably even get some small job to help pay for expenses. From what I can tell so far certainly San Sebastian could be a candidate for that spot... there is surf and beach activity here, and it is a cool Spanish town that is more laid back then Barcelona or Madrid.

Come the end of August I will have to decide to either try to make it to Asia or back to South America where it is inexpensive. Some of Thailand and Cambodia I would really like to see because of so many people I have met who rave about it. It will depend on my money situation however, and time here with a job perhaps will determine whether or not I continue East or head back West.

Keep an eye out for photos some days in the next week or so...I have to get them burned to a CD first. The internet cafes here are Expensive $$$!!! so I have to limit my time for use.

By the way, I would like to apolagize for my public display of annoyance with this website. I did however, get a response from the folks at because of it, and they have been very good about trying to accomodate and make changes to help assist in the use of their site. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to share with friends and family my experiences through the use of this website.

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