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More stromatolites, in hypersalty water at Hamelin Pool at the southern end...

I loved the way the sunlight and slight breeze created these reflections...

Satellite dish in Carnarvon that was used by NASA from 1964 to...

Another Emerald, this time near Carnarvon WA

The big egg speaks for itself!

A large water tank converted to a home, guarded by three vigilant...

From Denham to Coral Bay, Ningaloo Marine Park via Carnarvon

We shall be heading into inland national park areas in the next few days as we have made a few changes to our original itinerary, now bypassing Onslow (apologies to the locals for getting this incorrect!) and Karratha. Probably won't have internet access once we are there so have added a few pics to keep you going folks!

Coral Bay is a lovely spot, joining in with a snorkelling trip tomorrow so hope to see some western reef marine life to compare to the Great Barrier Reef.

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