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I Forgot To Get A Snap Of Darrylle And His Housekeeper Maria...



The drive back from the beach was uneventful, but the weather was a little sunnier and we were able to see more of the surrounding scenery off in the distance. It was great to get back to the guesthouse and see Darryle and his housekeeper Maria once again.

We really had only one day to spend in San José, and chose to just relax and work on posting the photos that I had taken while at the beach on my travel journal. We picked up some wine and spent the evening chatting with another guest who was staying at the guesthouse. She runs a similar establishment outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and was taking a break herself and seeing a new part of the world. We enjoyed each other’s company, we certainly have a love of travel in common, and perhaps one day soon we will visit her guesthouse in Mexico.


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