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Great Bend zoo denizen

Squirrel practicing his predatory style

Great Bend zoo

Pops 66 on Route 66, Arcadia, OK

Jim was delighted to spot wildlife

Look at the size of this root beer bread pudding!

Bacon soda pop? Really?

What kind of flavor is Buffalo Wing soda pop?

Over 600 kinds of pop

Round Barn on Route 66

El Reno, OK We normally move ourselves from one motel to another that is 120 to 150 miles away, although we take more miles than that to accomplish the move. Today was much, much farther. Before we left Great Bend, we went through their little zoo and raptor center. It is a pleasant little zoo and seems to be taken care of well. Then we hit the road, detouring long enough to drive through the Quivira Wildlife Refuge where we saw virtually NO wildlife. The only salvation was a single deer. Then we settled into the car for a lengthy drive. Because of a suggestion by friend Amy McAuliffe, we rerouted ourselves from what we had originally intended. We had been coming down the middle of the state, west of Oklahoma City. Instead we aimed for Arcadia, OK, which is northeast of Oklahoma City. It was so worth it. We went to Pops 66 on Route 66. It starts with a 66-foot soda pop bottle that makes Pops 66 an instant icon. At its base is an ultra-modern gas station, restaurant, shake shop, gift shop, and convenience store. That store includes soda pop - over 600 flavors including pomegranate, cotton candy, cucumber, kumquat, peanut butter and jelly, bacon, buffalo wings, and many more. The place was packed! Each bottle was $2.19 and they were selling like hot cakes. Confession - yes, we made a purchase, too, as well as indulged in a huge piece of root beer bread pudding. The place was fascinating. Arcadia is also home to the Round Barn, built in 1898. The barn was the most photographed landmark on Route 66. Reluctantly we turned to the west and headed off. When we finally made it to our hotel, we found we had driven 360 miles - a record for us.

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