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What a difference in the weather!

Our friend Bob mentioned that he had seen more rain in the past 24 hours than he had seen in the last six months of travel in Arizona.

We realize that we had been taking the weather for granted.

Nearly every day in our winter home in Arizona, we awoke to clear skies, bright sunshine and warming temperatures.

We knew that we would be spending much of the day outdoors, probably a cook out, and maybe some time sitting on the patio with friends.

Ever since we arrived here in Missouri, it has been rainy and cool.

Gray skies seem to be the norm. We haven’t seen the sun since we arrived here. The trees are still bare of leaves but you can see that they are in the very early stages of springtime budding.

We are surrounded by green grass and soon we’ll see leaves on the trees.

Oh, we just saw the forecast on TV and it calls for rain again, beginning Sunday and lasting every day through the remainder of the week.

We seriously think that we are here too soon, although we had a good reason to be here this early.

We will be on the way to Colorado next month and that makes our time here sound so short.

We remarked that we would like to take Lauren & Colby with us, and we are trying to figure out a way to have the kids and grandkids visit us in Colorado.

One of these times we want to remain in Colorado long enough to see the Aspen trees change colors and listen to the Elk when they come down to the lower meadows for the changing seasons.

There are so many things we would like to share with our kids and grandkids!

The simple fact that the demands of life today interfere with a “Bucket List” when people are young and still working means that so much of exploring what God and Nature have to offer us, must wait until we become older, and that is too bad.

I remember how my parents instilled that wanderlust in me, by living in different parts of the country as we grew up.

Mom & Dad, Aunts & Uncles, and Friends of my parents would sit around a table together talking about places they had been and things they had seen. I stood or sat nearby just listening in wonder, imagining in my own mind, being there.

It was wonderful!

Now that we are much older, retired, and able to travel to different parts of the country and indeed, the world, those dreams of seeing those places and many others, are becoming reality.

We wish we could share it with those we love but I guess they too, must wait until someday, when they can look at some wondrous sight or experience something awesome, and maybe think to themselves, “Now I understand what Mom & Dad (Or Grandpa & Grandma) were talking about”.

I suspect that maybe by that time we can look down from Heaven and smile.

Life is Good!

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