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We have lots to do but with the weather turning cold and still wet, there isn’t much we can get done.

Jennifer called this morning to let us know that she was bringing the grandkids and was on her way in to town.

We watched out the window and soon saw the lights of a car coming down the road.

We were greeted by huge smiles from Jen, Colby and Lauren.

Of course we were wearing big smiles of our own.

The little ones have good memories and went right to different areas of the RV where they remembered that we keep certain things.

We played and romped some before Colby and then Lauren snuggled down to be comfortable on my lap.

After a few quiet moments they were ready for a walk to the gift shop, where they bamboozled Papa out of a new toy.

They had to visit the resident cat, named Billy Sue, before walking back to the RV.

We introduced the grandkids to a treat called Pistachios for the first time. Colby wouldn’t try them but Lauren liked them a lot.

She learned to pull the shells off and had a good time eating them. Pronouncing the word Pistachio is a different story. LOL

She loves Pepperoni and has no trouble with that word at all.

After lunch, I took the trash to the dumpster and both of the grandkids walked with me. Lauren likes to hold my hand but Colby is pretty adventurous as he skips and jumps along.

I managed somehow to keep the kids out of the puddles but allowed them to throw rocks and sticks into the creek.

We tried to watch the sticks float along but the water is only a few inches deep so the sticks simply hung up on rocks, etc.

The fun was in making a splash with rocks.

Back in the RV, it was nap time so we surrendered our bed to Jennifer and the grandkids, who snuggled down for a nap while watching “The Land Before Time” DVD movie.

Tomorrow we’ll get to see our son-in-law Steve, as they will drop Lauren off at our place while the rest of the family attends to other items on their agenda.

As long as our energy level remains at or above the norm for folks in their seventies, we are good.

The folks here at the Cave gave me my schedule for guiding tours for this month, so we are busy massaging the schedule to get everyone included in our time here.

I guarantee you that the majority of our attention is given to the grandkids, and that is the way we want it, but we must find a way to work in the other obligations also.

We have the most wonderful and loving family in the world and we look forward to seeing them again.

Life is Good!

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