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Day 10: Saturday 6 April

Coward Springs to Algebuckina Bridge / Sunny and hot via Oodnadatta Track

Day 10 of our voyage

Today we had a bit of a sleep in as today was going to be a restful today. We had a swim in the bore and had a look at the museum. It was all based on the Old Ghan railway. The old building was what the engine driver used to live in. It was very fascinating and had a lot of stories and history about the Ghan railway.

We had been asked to collect a dog spike from the railway so we collected some off the side of the road. Soon after we stopped at Mount Springs which is a naturally occurring spring. Then if you walk a bit more there was another naturally occurring spring that was called the ‘bubbler’ as bubbles would come up from the cracks in the rock.

Soon after we got to a place where there was this bridge called the Algebuckina Bridge that doesn’t get used today as it is a tourist attraction. It was built for the Old Ghan railway line in Scotland. It is the longest bridge in the Ghan railway line and the standard of the bridge is very high as it is built so if a flood of water comes it will be sturdy. At night you could hear it creak as the night cooled down.

We had several pictures at the top of the bridge and walked along it nervously several times.

Elizabeth and I made up a dance and spent the afternoon doing tricks.

We sent up our porta-loo and shower as there was no facilities like this. In the night we cooked our dinner on the fire and then we sat around the fire and talked. After a shower underneath the stars we went to bed.

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