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Day 8: Thursday 4 April – sunny with a chance of rain

Tippipila Creek Bush Camp to Mungerannie / sunny with a chance of rain via The Birdsville Track

Day 8 of our escape

We woke up and we stepped outside of the camper to billions and billions of flies so back we went and ate breakfast in the camper. This is the start of day eight of our escape. When we actually stepped out of the camper we realised we had a flat tyre so Dad pumped it up and we packed up the camper and headed off. We stopped at Mirra Mitta Bore Head, which is a bore but the hotness of it would be unbearable. Even when you just put your finger in it you burned badly. It was not suitable for swimming. We also checked the tyre and realised it is going down gradually. So we pumped it up and headed off to Mungerannie to get it checked. Mungerannie Hotel and Roadhouse is a pub, campground, mechanic and petrol place, all in middle of nowhere, it also has a artesian spring bore.

When we got to Mungerannie Dad got the tyre checked and it turned out that he had a big nail in it.

After fixing that we had a nice swim in the hot bore and an ice-cream. We then left this place expecting never to see this place again. We were driving away from this place when at 20km away the Atkins realised they had a fully flat tyre. So we drove back to the place we were expecting we would never see again. After an hour they fixed the tyre and another tyre and we were out of that place.

23km away we had another incident happened. The Atkins had another fully flat tyre again on a different wheel so we went back to this place again. While the mechanic fixed the tyres we all went for another swim and we decided we would stay here tonight. We also had a walk around the park and saw three uncommon Brolgas and we saw them fly which was the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen. We also saw heaps of other birds. We continued our walk around the park and saw the graves of the people who originally owned this place and their families. Then we jumped back into the bore again, it was lovely and warm. When we went to pay for this place we even got a discount all thanks to the Atkins. After awhile we got out and had a shower, dinner beside the campfire and went straight to bed after that exhausting day.

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