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Carnival cruise ship Triumph in Mobile, AL

Carnival cruise ship Triumph in Mobile, AL



Summerdale, AL to Hattiesburg, MS

148 miles

Okatoma Resort & RV Park

We had a late start today and pulled out of the RV Park around 12:00pm. We made a fuel stop, paid $3.88/gallon, but did not fill up because we expected to find fuel at a better price in Mississippi. It was 1:00 by the time we were on I-10.

On the way in to Mobile, AL we could begin to see the Carnival cruise ship, Triumph. The cruise ship totally dwarfed the battleship USS Alabama which we could see in the foreground. Just as we were approaching the tunnel in Mobile I snapped a picture of the Triumph. The picture is not clear since it was through our windshield as we were traveling but the Triumph is in the background. That cruise ship was the one that had to be towed back to port after a fire rendered it inoperable and then a couple of days ago came loose and drifted across the river causing some damage and tragically killing a man who was thrown from the dock when the ship smashed against land.

Once we exited the interstate it was an uneventful drive most of the way on a four lane divided highway with trees on both sides of the road. Not much to see. We made another fuel stop, paid $3.69 for diesel, and arrived at the RV Park around 4pm.

The entrance to the RV Park is a narrow, pot hole ridden, tree lined, dirt road. We could not see the RV Park and I had my doubts as we bumped along. What a pleasant surprise when we turned the corner and saw a nice little lake, many RV’s backed up on the lake, cute cabins, and kids with fishing poles. The park is rustic but well taken care of and a quiet place to relax.

We had no problems checking in, getting situated in our site and setting up. We went to eat at a tiny local restaurant called Rayner’s Seafood and had a wonderful meal of Mississippi fried catfish.

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